About the Series:

The best way to learn programming is by doing. I learned how to program many years ago because:

1. It seemed fun and ...

2. I had ideas I wanted to develop.

Language tutorials that take you step by step through the parts of the language can be helpful but who really finishes them?

In this ongoing series, I want to introduce you to programming by solving one problem after another and explaining the concepts along the way. That's mostly how I learned and it's how we learn most things, from home and car repairs to gardening, so why not programming?

I really want to know if this series is helpful to you so please let me know in the comments and, if they are helpful, take a moment to like and share.

Get the Code -

You can find the code for the 52-Pickup demo program on Github:


For the original BlackJack game shown in the first video:


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